Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dwelling photo prompt

1)Where in the world might this house/dwelling be?

I think it's  in a neighborhood, because there is like a lot of trees behind. Also because there is no sign of any other houses that's next to it. And the fences are way too low.

2)What kind of characters would live in this type of dwelling?

The family would be really rich, since there house is like a mansion. They probably be a big family, because of how big the house is.

3)What kind of hopes and dreams might these characters have?

I don't think they have a dream cause since there rich i don't think so they want anything.

4)What do you think they love about living there?

That its really big, there is more rooms. There front law is really big, They have area outside they can do activities and things.

5)What problems could they face on a daily basis?

Anyone can break into their house since the fence is way to low, they can just go over the fence.

6)What are the worst kind of things that could happen to a character who lived there?

If there was an earthquake the character who loves there will get in danger because the house is really big.

Our teacher had to give us houses and had to talk about it, by answering the questions.

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