Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dwelling photo prompt

1)Where in the world might this house/dwelling be?

I think it's  in a neighborhood, because there is like a lot of trees behind. Also because there is no sign of any other houses that's next to it. And the fences are way too low.

2)What kind of characters would live in this type of dwelling?

The family would be really rich, since there house is like a mansion. They probably be a big family, because of how big the house is.

3)What kind of hopes and dreams might these characters have?

I don't think they have a dream cause since there rich i don't think so they want anything.

4)What do you think they love about living there?

That its really big, there is more rooms. There front law is really big, They have area outside they can do activities and things.

5)What problems could they face on a daily basis?

Anyone can break into their house since the fence is way to low, they can just go over the fence.

6)What are the worst kind of things that could happen to a character who lived there?

If there was an earthquake the character who loves there will get in danger because the house is really big.

Our teacher had to give us houses and had to talk about it, by answering the questions.

Task 1 International games

For your project ANSWER the following:

Part 1 - The Origins
Write a descriptive paragraph about the origins of the game you are using:
  • What is the original game you have changed?
Cricket, bench ball
  • Where does it come from and what are the origins?
Cricket in england
  • How does it reflect the culture that it comes from?
It was played in the 16th century and in the end of the 18th century it became their national sport.

Part 2 - The Game
Apply your knowledge to explain important elements of the game itself:
  • What are the important rules of the original game and how do you play it?

In bench ball you can't run with the ball or move, Also the person who's standing on the bench can't all of the bench while trying to catch the ball, if they fall it won't count as a point. So there are two teams for each team there has to be one of them on the benches. Then one person from each team has to stand in the middle and try to pass the ball to their teammates, Then the teams have to pass it to each other till they reach to their teammate who is standing on the bench and has to pass it to them.

  • What are the games key words (terminology) used in it?

Part 3 - Your thoughts and unfamiliar situation
Trying to remember to use the correct terminology, write a paragraph to explain your thoughts:
  • Why did you choose this game?
Me and my teammates choose this game because, we felt that it can relate a little to other games. And it's easy to combine it with other games, since it consists a ball. The game was the easiest to remember, so we can relate it to other games it would be really easy cause you already know how to play this game.
  • What did you want to change about it and why?
We wanted to change about what the bench pall player does, because we thought that it doesn't do that much only just catches the ball, so we made it have the main thing to do in the game, which is to hit the other teams players with the bat.
  • What problems might you face when teaching the game?

Explaining the process of the game because before we were teaching it, we weren't really sure about it because we kept changing our minds, and were trying to add more things to it. Also the rules, because we thought that they will say something about the rule that you have to hit the ball from the knees and above, because we thought it was way too low, so we ended up changing it to the waist and above.
  • How might you solve some of these problems?

For explaining the process of the game, we could have drawn it on the whiteboard to make it more clear. Also we could have shown example of how to play the game since we could because we were three. Also for the rules we could have demonstrated it, to be more clearer with them.

Our unit was about international games. We had to be in groups and create a game of our own by combinging two games that we choose, which was cricket and bench ball. We had to fill in task 1 which was just answering the questions about our game.

الغوص على اللؤلؤ

This is a link to my presentation that i created. Our unit was about the pearl divers in the past in Qatar. We had to create a presentation about pearl divers, and present it to the class.

قصة أصحاب الكهف

كان هناك قوم يعبدون الملك،وكان الحاكم كافر.كان يعبيدون الاصنام، وإنا هي الاصنام التي خلقتهم. كان ناس من القوم كان يعبيدون بالله، وكان يريدون ان يقنعون القرية عن عدم يسجدون الاصنام. لما سمعا الملك عن الخبر ارادا ان يقتلهم.بعد ذالك  خرجو من القوم لكي ان يستطيعو عبادة الله. اهداهم الله بالكهف. لما وصلو إلى الكهف ليانلمو، و الله انامهم لمدة ٣٠٠سنة واكثر. لما استيقظو احسو انهم نامو لمدة يوم. ذهب احد منهم إلى القرية وجد انا تغيرت عندما راه اهل القرية واسحجيو بشكله ، و النقود الذي كان يحمل معه. بعد ما راهو المعجزة ، فامنو اهل القرية بالله عزوجل.

on that day the teacher was absent. So she couldn't teach us about the story. Instead we had someone from our class tell the story properly cause we already know it. We had to write a paragraph summary about the story.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Qaws presentaion

This is a link to my presentation which is about QAWs. We had to put pictures and talk about it, and what you can do there and how to help them. I was caring because i was trying to encourage people to help the animals that were in need.

Civil rights

Primary source:

  • It began in 1960, february 1
  • It was a picture from a movie called “The butler”
  • Photographed by Fred Blackwell
  • It was demonstrated in Jackson, Mississippi


  • To show how the white people were treating them.
  • That they can't go to public restaurants and cafes because of their skin color.
  • Also to show how many white people were standing behind them wanting them to leave the restaurant.
  • There was a white guy that was supporting them and he also was getting treated like the others.
  • The only one thing they wanted was to be served and  they were threatening them.

  • Just because of their skin color doesn't mean that they cannot be served in public, they're humans too, they get hungry and sad they have feelings too.
  • We can tell that the author was really affected by the piece, because of what they were doing to them pouring hot drinks and spitting on them.

Our unit is about civil rights. We were put in groups and each group had a different topic about civil rights. In my group our topic was about sit-ins, we each had a question and we had to research and write as much as we can. And we had to choose a picture and do the opvls. And on top is my opvl about the picture.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Simplifying Ratio
This first page uses only the concepts from last lesson.

Green – these questions are not too tricky so do these to get you started. Simplify:

1)     4 : 8 =
3)  20 : 30 =
5)  10 : 100 =
7)  11 : 22 =
2)    5 : 10 =
4) 21 : 35 =
6)  4 : 16 =
8)  10 : 20 =

Orange – these questions are a little trickier than the green questions. They include 3-part ratios, fractions, decimals and/or units of measure.  Simplify:

1)     2 hours : 30 min =
4)    35cm : 2m =
7) 36 g : 0.5 kg =
2)    2.8 : 0.7 =
5)    6 : 1.6 =
8)   =
3)     =
6)    5 : 15 : 55 =
9) 8 : 12 : 36 =

Red – these questions are the trickiest require you to interpret worded questions.

1)     There are 32 students in a class. 20 of them are girls. What is the ratio of boys to girls in its simplest form?

3)    There are 2 flavours of jellybeans left in a bag; Black Liquorice and Buttered Popcorn.  The ratio of Liquorice to Popcorn flavoured jellybeans is 15:25.  If there are 36 Liquorice jellybeans left, how many Popcorn jellybeans are left?
2)    A fruit drink to serve 8 people is made by mixing 60ml of orange juice with 180ml of pineapple juice.  If you want to make the same juice to serve 12 people, how much pineapple juice do you need?

4)    Concrete is made by mixing sand, water and concrete mix in the ratio of 12 parts sand, 8 parts water and 6 parts concrete mix. If 15 kg of cement is used, how much sand must be used?


Our first unit for math was ratios. And we were assigned to do a worksheet about ratios, which was simplifying ratios. I was a thinker, because i was trying to figure out the answers for the questions.