Thursday, April 3, 2014

The hight temperature was 29. The lowest temperature was 2. The difference between the highest and lowest, highest is the hot temperature, and the lowest temperature is the cold. Because maybe january is winter and june is summer.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My goals

Q1 Personal goal:
Have enough sleep and be organised.

Q1 Academic goal:
Improve math.

S1 Goal-personal:
Listen to the teacher carefully.

S1 Goal academic:
Get good markes and grades

Monday, June 17, 2013


our last unit of inquiry was how we organize ourselves, we got to be in small groups  first we planned how we were going to do it, we wrote it  on a sheet of paper , but we needed more time to catch up, i was in assembly .


On 19 may Islq came to our school to look at our exhibition, before they came we had to prepare  our process boards and had to practice our presentation i had to higher my voice a little but on the day of exhibition i made my voice higher,then the islq came they had to separate them into groups we had to wait for a while for a group to come to us finally they came so we bought them to our presentation we presented to them then we bought them to our process board then they went then we finished.

proud of


1.what are you proud of?

I'm proud of me and my group are so far.

2.what action did you,or could you take?

we decided to raise money for people who have blood cancer  to afford bills for the hospital.


Arabic Reflection

على ابريل ثلاثين فعلنا السباق المدهش كان هنالك اربعة انشطة الفن والدراما ,والموسيقى ,ب.ي اول نشاط لدينا كان الفن كن لازم نعمل فنية عن مرض السلطان ,ثم ذهبنا الى ب,ي  كنا لازم نعمل لعبة عن مرض السلطان ثم ذهبنا الدراما كنا لازم نعل مسرحية عن مرض السلطان ثم ذهبنا الى موسيقى كن لازم نفعل غنية عن مرض السلطان ثم ذهبنا الى ي.ت كن لازم نفعل كارتون عن مرض السلطان لكن نحن اتاينا متااخر وام نفعله ثم انتهت المسابقة.