Saturday, May 23, 2015

Week two response - literacy circles

   Razan almannai
           7C                      Carries war
Response week 2

         “Carries war” was published in 1973, and was written by Nina Bawden. The story is a historical novel. The story had settings that were changed and the story also showed us the different characters personalities.

The story had settings that were changed. Like first the were in the go to bed house. Then they changed the settings by going to the forest they were walking though. They were walking through the forest because they were trying to go there go to bed house.

The story showed us the different characters personalities. Like when in Mr. Evans house, when nick was opening his presents for his birthday. Nick wasn’t grateful with Mr. Evans present to nick. Nick is a nice and kind boy like his sister Carrie. It was surprising that he didn’t like it the preset. But what he did was kind of rude, and he never was rude to anyone.

So far I think that the story is nice. The author was still doing a good job trying to show us the characters personalities by changing it, like mostly they are kind, and only once they were a little bit rude. I liked that the author changed nicks personalities too, like when Mr. Evans gave him a present, he was being a little bit rude by saying thank you without smiling.

We got to do the literacy circles unit. We have to be in groups thats are at ad the same reading levels. Also we needed to pick a book. All of the people in the group had to have the same book to read. After we finish reading, we had four things to do every person in the group has to do one every week and change. Like there is the discussion directer, the connecter, the literally luminary and the vocabulary.After we finished doing them , the group has to have a meeting for maximum about 15, talking about the story and what they did. After that we do the response, every week we do it, for the past four weeks.

I was a thinker because while i was writing the response i was thinking of that characters personalities so i can write them down.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

WWW Reflection

Day 1

First we went to primary school to help the little children. They split us up into partners, but I came in  late so I didn't know where to go so I joined up with my two friends. So we went into the class, and we got to introduce ourselves. After that the teachers sended them back to there tables and each of us had to go to a table and help them write. We helped them write about what did they do in there weekend and how to spell some of the words that they didn't know how to spell. After they finished they went into groups to the carpet and they had to write materials in the alphabetical order and we helped them by giving them hints.  After that we went to the alshafallah were there are people who are disabled, we helped them make sandwiches and salads, also we got to see how they figured out math questions. After we finished we waited outside the rooms, there was this little girl who handed out a basket full of candies she was so cute. After we finished we went out to the bus and went back to school.

In this picture a cute little girl was handing us sweets.               This was the entrance through the                                                                                                               gates.

Day 2

Today we had to do planter boxes for primary school. We had to build them and screw them up, it too not really that long to do it. First we had to screw two of the woods to make a right angle, we had to do six of them. Then we drilled two of the right angles together to make a square. Then we had break. After we came back, we drilled these triangle wood shapes inside so all of them stick together. There was a room we went inside we hammered the nails into the wood. Then we took it and drilled it in the box. Then we were done. I felt like this activity was kind of fun. I learned how to drill holes and screw them. The thing that i was challenged in was hammering the nails it was hard. I enjoyed drilling and screwing the holes. The least thing i liked was hammering the nails to the wood. In this activity i was a risk- taker because i used a hammer and driller. Doing this activity for the first time was eye-opening because i didn't believe i did it when ever i look at the box i feel like i didn't do it. Hammering was uncomfortable because i was scared i would hammer my fingers by accident, after my friend got accidentally hit with one on her finger.I used to think i couldn't do this stuff it was impossible, but now i think i could do it and nothing is impossible.

 We were hammering the nails in the work shop.
                                       We were drilling the boxes.

We were screwing them together the right angles.

Day 3

Today we did benches for middle school. So we first went inside mr.dines class. He talked to us only for one minute. Then we went to the work shop and the teacher showed us how to mark it, so we can know we drill the holes. We had to be groups in four. Then we marked the wood. After we finished , the teacher showed us how to drill and to screw the screws in. So we went back to our wood and we drilled, then we took the wooden pieces and screwed them together. After that we put it on the floor then we smoothed the edges of the bench. We carried it to the other room to the table so we can be ready to paint. Then we went to break. After we finished from break we came back and started to paint two sides black and three sides white, everybody had a side to do in the group. After we took tape and shaped it to the shape we wanted to paint. Then we started painting. We finished early so we stayed and waited till we had lunch break.

We were drilling ad screwing the screws.
This is the finish                                                                                                                                          look

Day 4

Today we went to QAWS animal shelter. We first came and they gave us dogs. First they got the small dogs,all of the girls we really scared i was one of them. So they kind of forced us to walk the dogs so they gave us the leash. I got a small dog not that really small but he was calm too. I was scared but i would go a little bit far from it, and let it go where ever it wanted to go. But then i started not to be scared and i would pull it if it went somewhere else. After we were done a women who works there showed us kittens and cats, rabbits and monkeys, donkeys and a bull.Then we went to the shiekh faisal museum. We didn't have  a museum guide, so we just went around and we saw the artefacts.We walked to rooms and saw there beds and there clothing's. Also we saw there equipments they used like swords and knifes.We saw a long deep well, and at the end there was water. After we sat and waited for the bus. I was a risk-taker today, because i was really scared of dogs, and today i was brave and walked one and touched one.

Here we were walking the dogs.

The museum had shown us the old artefacts made from the past generation.

Day 5, last day
I felt like this program was kind of fun, because we got to walk dogs and see animals. Also sit with kids in primary, and going to al shafallah  and helping disabled kids. Also i had fun going out to eat mcdonalds and fast food. And it was kind of boring like when we made benchs and planter boxes, and get muddy. I learned how to be not scared of walking dogs because I'm scared of them.Digging the mangroves was important and planting it in another way because we were helping the fish and crabs to breed. Digging and planting the mangroves was challenging because we had to walk on mud and we got muddy and dirty. I enjoyed walking the dogs because it was a fun experience since i was really scared of dogs, but now no i'm not really that scared like before.The thing that i hated the least was building a planter box, cause it was really boring we were just drilling and screwing the whole time.I was a risk-taker today, because i was really scared of dogs, and today i was brave and walked one and touched one. Also because of using a hammer, my friend got hit by one on her fingers by accident and it really hurts so i was kind of scared. Walking in mud made me uncormfotable because we were dirty and muddy, also because after wards we have to wash our feet cause there dirty.
First we were listening to a guy speack about mangroves and what was our task to do. Then we got a bucket and this thing we used to dig ith, we got into pairs. Then we went and dug up mangroves and put it in the bucket. We had to make sure we didnt cut off the mangroves. After we went a little far and planted mangroves that were in our bucket. After we were done we went hiking till the sea and saw small baby crab's and jellyfish in the sea. After that we wnet to clean our feet, and went in our bus and wente to eat then went back to school.

me and my friend were hiking.
We were planting the mangroves.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Razan Al Mannai
   7C English
The Ocean

The oceans cover up 70% of our planet's surface. And were not involved in the aquatic life. Humans have adapted to their environment. Humans have preserved their environment. We can affect their environment in different ways.

This shows the oceans surface.

Humans have adapted to their environment. There's this family that live in a boat in the ocean, and they are called ocean gypsies. They don't have a passport or don't have a nationality.They got used to their environment because it was like a family tradition. And because they were raised in a boat, like all of the family, from when they were babies and small and they grew up living in a boat.
The family are in a boat in middle of nowhere.

Humans have preserved their environment. Because they used natural sources to catch fishes. like one example of their source is a dolphin. They use dolphins to scare the fishes, so the fishes hop up from the sea, and the fishers catch the fish. They save money by not buying equipment for fishing. And instead they use other sources. And they reward the dolphins and they reward themselves by eating fish.

The fishermen is communicating with the dolphins.

We can affect their environment in different ways. Like for example catching fish to eat. Which if they keep on catching fish they will will be no fish and the ocean will be empty with no fish or sharks or whales. Proving that sometimes we fish more than we actually need. The only thing they can afford to eat is fish because they don't waste there money by buying they just fish for it. And they can't afford to eat anything else because they have no money and there poor.

My Ocean information report is about how is there environment living in the Ocean. Also it was about the people that live in oceans and boats and how they adapted there environment. Next time i will try to write more.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

P.S.E - Crottic link

Art - Final evaluation

1.My goal for this painting was to add more shading and make it bright, it was bright but it wasn't really shaded and to make it good and neat.

2.The thing that made me unsuccessful was the painting and shading.
  The thing that made me successful was my drawing.

3.I agree with their opinion because i did some mistakes and they helped me improve in my painting and gave me feedback so i can fix the mistake.

4.I could've added some shading.
  I could have made it more neater.
  I could have made it better.  

Art - Georgia o keeffe

P.S.E - Community and service reflection

I chose friendship games because I always wanted to help workers. It has always been my dream to help people. When we were signing up for the activities, I saw friendship games and the name was eye catching. My friend signed up so I wanted to enjoy that time with her. The rest of the activities for C&S didn't really get my attention.

In friendship games, we had to raise money for the workers. So my friend and I sold food and juices and we raised a lot of money. I had to bring pancakes and juices to sell. My job for the event was to bring make-up and blind folds. I brought these because I was doing the make up challenge. I was the one who was teaching them about that challenge that we were playing (make-up challenge). I was the greeter, I had to tell the workers to go and sign up where the teachers were.

So what:
The girls were late for about 30 to 20 minutes. We persuaded them to do our activity. At 3:00 the workers went to the cafeteria and there was a buffet there. After we all ate we handed out certificates for the workers and they also got some presents. I felt that this project made me so happy. After we finished all the hard work for the workers we got to the event. I learned that making workers happy is better than making myself happy because I already can but sometimes the workers can't.

Now what:
I will help the workers again and I will be more thoughtful to them.I will try to make their day. I developed my skills on being a thinker because I thought of great activities for the event on friday. And I was a communicator because I communicated with the workers and I talked to them. This project made me feel so happy about my self just seeing the workers happy during the event. I think I could be more active with the workers and think of more great activities for the event on friday.