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Sunday, May 31, 2015


tae kwon doe preformonce

Move #
Name of skill
EXPLANATION (Why have you picked this skill)
Horse Riding Stance/Twist/
High Punch
3 Seconds
This is the basic and stable stance position that we have learned so a good way to start. We all know in the group how to do this. We will do this slowly in a triangle formation to begin with to show an interesting formation and so we can then change our speed to fast.


2 punches and a block

3 seconds
unison,medium punch ,high block, walking forward.


two blocks
1 punch
3 seconds
unison, high blocks, medium block

3 punches
1 block
5 seconds
high punch, low punch, medium punch and block.


2 blocks
2 seconds
Anoud low block to left, Razan low block to the right


3 punches
2 seconds
Quick, 2 medium punches and one high punch


2 blocks , 2 punches
4 seconds
Alanoud and razan while walking backwards do high blocks and two low punches


7 seconds
Sharifa to alanoud to razan to sharifa

4 blocks and 1 high punch
6 seconds


3 med punches and 1 low block
5 seconds


3 high block and low punch
5 seconds


3 kicks
4 seconds
A kick, R kick, S kicks


6 punches
8 seconds
medium,high, low, medium, low, high


3 punches

4 seconds
razan 3 low punches


3 kicks
3 seconds
All do kicks


different formation
6 seconds
sharifa goes in front 3 H punches, Razan stayes M punches, Anoud goes back with 3 low punches


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته،

إلى والدين كرمة:
الرجاء عدم حرمان كرمة من حصانها المفضل ندي،
لانه سبب في فوزها بالجوائز،
ولانها قامت بتدريبه مع صديقيتها هناء ولولوة،
وإنها خبأت عن الجميع انه اعمى،

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Arabic scale music - Music

These are my notes for the arabic scale we had to do in music. We were working on notes for arabic scales from our instrument we picked. it had to be 16 or more notes.

Natural hazard- reflection

During the Research Process you have been asked to:

  • Find information

  • Record information on organised charts

  • Use the information to write a report

Explain your strengths and weaknesses during the process for each of the bullet points above.  You should write between 3-6 sentences for each bullet point above.  
Grade yourself on the scale of 1-8 for each bullet point.

Finding information:
I didn't really find a lot of information.
But there were good information in some websites.
I would give my self in finding information 4 because i didn't find a lot of information.

Record information on organised charts:
i found good websites.
Putting them in my own words was a little but hard.
I would give it a 5 because there were good websites sources, and because writing it in my own words.

Use the information to write a report:
When i was writing the information i thought of adding things in it in my own.
The paragraphs were kind of short.
I would give it a 5 because of writing short paragraphs, and for adding things in my own so that was good.

Ebola broshure